I made lamb tartare. It was crazy good and a lovely protein-y dinner. Just wing it re: amounts of stuff and taste as you go. Be confident. Don’t be scared. It will turn out great. Promise.

You will need:

– lamb loin (a good cut for tartares and/or carpaccios because it is lean and clean)

– fresh mint and chilies

– cornichons

– mustard of some kind (I used Grey Poupon)

– orange and lemon

– a great olive oil

– some nice sea salt and freshly ground black pepper for seasoning

Chop lamb finely and put aside. Chop a little handful of mint leaves and cornichons and some de-seeded red chilies. Mince them all together. Add a reasonable amount to the lamb. Stir in a tablespoon or so of mustard. Squeeze in juice from the orange and lemon (I used 1/2 a blood orange and 1/2 a lemon). Season with salt and pepper and stir in some glugs of olive oil.

Taste it! Add more of whatever you feel is lacking. I used a lot of chilies but I like stuff hot.

We ate the tartare with some pickles from my canning experiment, a spinach and red onion salad and bright bottle of Sassella. Total success.


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