baby’s first dredge


I love fish. However, I admittedly have a limited repertoire when it comes to fish cooking techniques. I went to the fishmongers’ yesterday and was sweet talked into buying some whole whitings. I’d never had whiting before but the monger insisted it was possible to just fry them up and eat the skin and everything. I decided I’d try to bread them a bit to get some fresh herbs in there.

I did the following:

– chopped up a whole bunch of oregano and mixed it with some all purpose flour, salt and pepper

– cleaned and paper-towel-dried the whitings

– rolled them around in flour mixture (this is the dredging part!), then in a couple of whisked eggs and then back in the flour mixture

– panfried at a medium heat until cooked through and crispy skinned

Instead of a mayo or cream based tartar type sauce, I panfried some vine ripened tomatoes, garlic, chilies and capers. It was a perfect, salty, saucy accompaniment to the fish.




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