death of a salesman

Chris’ last meal is rare steak and tomatoes. He is far from his deathbead but did just lay his job as a guitar salesman to rest so I thought I’d make his fave dinner to celebrate. The photos are bad/blurry because we are having a bit of a heat wave and I get in-the-literal-way-not-in-the-sexy-way hot and bothered by the heat. I wish I had a good pic of everything together because it did look quite lovely and summer-y but I don’t.



We had a simple tomato salad with my new favorite sweet treat, kumatos. I (hardly) roasted some beef tenderloin, sliced it up and served it with a sauce I’d read about in my trusted copy of Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries. I love this book. It chronicles an almost day to day account of things Slater eats/makes and includes recipes and lovely photographs. I always read it while I am eating something I wish were more exciting e.g. cornflakes or a plain salad.

The sauce was delicious and went suprisingly well with the beef. The uses for it are pretty limitless – I think it would make a nice dip, a sauce on top of some tofu in a rice bowl or as a spread in a sandwich. In any case:

  • Blend (I used a hand blender) a small handful of mint leaves (approx 25 leaves), a few cloves of garlic, two egg yolks, the juice from 1/2 a lemon and 1 tbsp of grainy mustard until its one uniform fragrant pulp
  • While blending slowly add olive oil until mixture has consistency of a thick cream











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