summer succotash (new! improved model! now with no suffering!)

I am so excited for corn season and wanted to make something with the first corns which are showing up in the markets. I realize succotash usually has lima beans in it, but I don’t really like them. 


The making of this was totally painless.

– Fry up some bacon in a big skillet, make it crispy and put aside

– Drain off a bit of the bacon fat, throw in 1 medium onion and some garlic and saute until translucent

– Add chopped okra, zucchini, corn kernels, cayenne chili pepper and some tomatoes (the order of which depends on how big/small you cut the veg and how crunchy/cooked you’d like them to be)

– I meant to add some fresh herbs (either basil, cilantro or parsley), but forgot (if I had remembered I would have sauteed them with all the veg right before I serving)

– Finish with lots of black pepper and fresh squeezed lime juice to taste

– Plate it and top with the reserved bacon


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