Q: What should one make if one invites an old friend over for dinner and wants a dish that’s fun and participatory and can be lingered over?

A: Cold rolls!


A breakdown of roll insides:

– grilled extra firm tofu sliced into strips

– julienned cucumber and carrots

– sliced green onions

– torn lettuce leaves (I used romaine)

– bean sprouts

– basil leaves and cilantro sprigs with stalks

– cut lime wedges for squeezing

I made a dipping sauce by reducing some red wine vinegar with brown sugar (about 3:1 ratio) on the stove top and then adding a whole bunch of chopped fresh cayenne chilis (with seeds).

Each person can roll their own fresh cold treat. Boil some water, put it in a big-ish bowl and find a lid that fits. Leave the bowl of water on the table, dip 1 paper in and let it sit until totally pliable. Lift paper out with tongs, fill with fresh insides of choice then roll, dip, catch up and enjoy.



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